CCN X has many integrated components:

  1. Digital Clock can be set to chime on the hour, half-hour or silent
  2. Calendar - a monthly calendar. Daynote are color-coded(you pick the colors) based on type
  3. Countdown - a realtime Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds countdown to the date of your choice.
  4. User Notes - unlimited notepads
  5. Day Notes (notes associated with a date) just one click away with weekly, monthly and list views. Add holidays with a click. Reminders too!
  6. Recurring Daynotes - for the events that happen every week, month or year.
  7. Timers so you remember to take breaks or whatever. Automatic repetitions too
  8. Event Timers - elapsed time in Years, Months, Days from and to events specified. Turn them into daynotes in one click
  9. Searches of daynotes and spell checking too.
  10. Export to either text files or iCal
  11. Time Zones for those who travel
  12. Timer Log for those who bill their time on the computer

Preferences include options such as:

• 24 hour time for International Users (month names and day names are always shown in the local language!)

• Week of year display

• Sunrise and Sunset times based on location in System Preferences

• Automatic application hiding when in background

• Bring all windows forward when application is brought to foreground

• Turning on help tags

• Announce Date/Time at startup

• Open today's daynotes automatically

Shareware- Free trial for 15 uses. $.99( 99 cents ) to Register for unlimited use. Here are just some of the windows.