CCN X User Guide

System & Machine Requirements
OS X 10.4 or 10.5,  G4 or G5 PowerPC Mac or Intel Mac

Drag the application to your hard drive. The Application folder is the typical location to keep it

Overview of all Functions

Calendar A monthly calendar with digital clock and event timer and access to daynotes
Overview of functionality
Details of basic calendar operation

Daynotes (notes associated with a date) are just one click away
Overview of functionality
Details of basic daynote operation
Recurring Daynotes
Daynote Reminders
Searching Daynotes
Weekly View
Monthly View
List View

Timers/Events/TimeZones/User Notes/Schedule ShutDown or Restart
Countdown                    Realtime Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds to the  date of your choice
User Notes                     Independent of dates. All printable.
Timer                             Short-term reminders with automatic repetitions.
Event Timers                 Time elapsed or time until a date. Displayed in Years or Months or Days or all from an event date
Time Logger                  Log time to a project. Creates a log file and allows pause/resume
Time Zones                   Tracks up to two time zones. Zones are set as hours & minutes plus or minus from local time
Schedule Shutdown       Performs either a shutdown or restart of the mac at a specified future date and time

Short Cuts                      Where to "click", "option click" or "Control click" to get there quicker
Registration                    How to order a registration key and contact the developer
Legal Stuff                     EULA - The usual warnings and disclaimers
Recent Changes              Lists enhancements and bug fixes in recent versions 

Internationalization (partial) All day and month names are shown in the local language.