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#build   statement

#build key [,] value

The #build statement can be used to override a setting in FB's Build Settings dialog for a single source file build. The setting applies only to the file containing the #build statement.

N.B. Use of #build in a project is not supported and generates an error.

#build MinDeployment 10.11
#build BaseSDK 11.0
#build CheckArrayBounds NO
#build Architecture "Universal"
#build CompilerOptions "-lsqlite3"

Architecture string literal
"Apple Silicon"
BaseSDK double literal
CheckArrayBounds bool literal
CompilerOptions string literal
DebugLevel integer literal
0 = No symbols
1 = Fn names only
2 = Fn names and line #
LogUNIXCommands bool literal
MinDeployment double literal
Optimization integer literal
0 = None
1 = Fast
2 = Faster
3 = Fastest
4 = Fastest, smallest
PutLineNumInfoInApp bool literal
ShowMoreWarnings bool literal
SourceFileCombining string literal
StopOnFirstError bool literal
StripUnusedCode bool literal
UsePrecompiledHeader bool literal
WarnOfScopedVars bool literal
WarnOfUntypedVars bool literal
WarnOfUnusedFunctions bool literal