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Appendix F - ASCII Character Codes   appendix


Characters 0 to 127 of the MacRoman character set are identical to ASCII and are standardized and portable. Characters 128 to 255 are Mac-specific, and even on a Mac are applicable only to text (and text documents) whose encoding is kTextEncodingMacRoman.

ASCII Table Part A

Special cases

<NUL>=Null <DC1>=Device Control 1
<SOH>=Start Of Heading <DC2>=Device Control 2
<STX>=Start Of Text <DC3>=Device Control 3
<ETX>=End Of Text <DC4>=Device Control 4
<EOT>=End Of Transmission <NAK>=Negative Acknowledge
<ENQ>=Enquiry <SYN>=Synchronous Idle
<ACK>=Acknowledge <ETB>=End Of Transmission Block
<BEL>=Bell <CAN>=Cancel
<BS>=Backspace <EM>=End Of Medium
<TAB>=Tab <SUB>=Substitute
<LF>=Line Feed <ESC>=Escape
<VT>=Vertical Tab <FS>=File Separator
<FF>=Form Feed <GS>=Group Separator
<CR>=Carriage Return <RS>=Record Separator
<SO>=Shift Out <US>=Unit Separator
<SI>=Shift In <SPC>=Space
<DLE>=Data Link Escape <DEL>=Delete