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Appendix G - Symbol Table   appendix

Symbol Table:

When used as the first character in a line, the grave (back apostrophe) tells the compiler that the code on that line should be handled by the PPC or 68K assembler.
byte`x`= exprSigned byte variable
byte``x``= exprUnsigned byte variable
word%x% = exprSigned integer
word%`x%` = exprUnsigned integer
long&x& = exprSigned long integer
long&`x&` = exprUnsigned long integer
single!x! = exprSingle precision
double#x# = exprDouble precision
""text"Literal string
$x$ = exprPascal String
$$x$$ = expr2 Gig container
;Dim x;4Force a specific size for a dimensioned variable
||expr || exprOr
&&expr && exprAnd
^&expr ^& exprNand (Not And)
^|expr ^| exprNor (Not Or)
^^expr ^^ exprXor
!=expr != exprNot equal < >>
__constant = 4Identifies a constant
__"PICT"The text in quotes is taken as a 4 byte restype or OStype
|||expr|Peek (or Peek Byte)
{}{expr}Peek Word
[][expr]Peek Long
|| exprPoke (or Poke Byte)
%% exprPoke Word
~~ exprPoke Long
&&hexExprHexadecimal number
&H&HhexExprHexadecimal number
0x0xhexExprHexadecimal number
&O&OexprOctal literal
&X&XexprBinary literal
'' remarkIndicates the beginning of a remark
//// remarkIndicates the beginning of a remark
/* *//* remark */Marks the beginning and end of a multi-line block remark
##parameterIf a function or proceedure expects to receive a variable (to which it may point for an address) as a parameter, you cannot substitute a specific address. The pound (#) symbol overrides that feature and tells FutureBasic not to convert the parameter to an address.
@@varNameSpecifies that the operation should use the address of a variable rather than the contents of a variable. This does not work for register variables.