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erf# & erfc#   function

error# = fn erf#(z#)
complementaryError# = fn erfc#(z#)

ERF is shorthand for error function. ERFC stands for complementary error function. The error function Erf[z] is the integral of the Gaussian distribution given by

erf Image

The complementary error function ERFC[z] is
erfc(z) = 1 - erf(z)
The error functions are located in the file named "Subs Float Addns.Incl" (Path: FutureBasic Extensions/Compiler/Headers). To provide access to these functions you must use the following statement in your program.
include "Subs Float Addns.Incl"
FutureBasic will automatically locate the file and compile it with your project. The ERF and ERFC functions are provided as local functions and expect a double precision (#) value as the incoming parameter. The return value is also a double precision (#) number.