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FutureBasic (FB) is a high-level procedural programming language, in fact a whole "Integrated Development Environment" (IDE), for the Apple Macintosh® computer system. it is capable of creating standalone Universal Binary applications (Mach-O executables) which can run natively on either PPC or the latest Intel Macintosh computers.

It is a compiled BASIC dialect allowing easy access to the graphical user interface and file system of the MacOS. In providing structures such as nestable records and arrays, and various forms of subroutines (local functions) and callbacks, it is quite as powerful as C however with the syntax of BASIC and a less strict variable typing. The current version allows direct passthrough of both C and Objective-C source code. FutureBasic is a front-end to the acclaimed open-source gcc Unix compiler which ships with all new Macintoshes, and will allow translation to either C or Objective-C code for onward compiling behind the scenes into a finished MacOS application program!

FutureBasic features an editor, compiler, debugger, profiler, project manager, documentation, and code samples.

In January 2008, Staz Software released FutureBasic as freeware. Simultaneously, the FBtoC project was initiated to modernize FutureBasic and its components.

FBtoC was initially a standalone application and can still be used as such, but is now well integrated with the FutureBasic editor.

FutureBasic version 7 is being actively developed and maintained by a team of volunteers whose members have collectively contributed thousands of man-hours in what is tantamount to a labor of love for their chosen programming language.

This FutureBasic website (http://www.brilorsoftware.com/fb/) hosts both the FBtoC Project and the FutureBasic Freeware downloads. Downloads and their executables are freeware, but the source code and rights to distribute are reserved to the respective authors (the FB Team and Staz Software).

The FB Team welcomes feedback and may be contacted by subscribing to the FutureBasic mailing list (http://www.brilorsoftware.com/fb/pages/support.html).

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