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index$   statement

index$(element [,indexID]) = stringExpr

This statement assigns the string specified by stringExpr to an element in one of the special index$ string arrays. The index$ string arrays have some features which are not available in a "normal" string array:
The index$ string arrays are always global in scope. You can read the contents of an index$ array element by using the index$ function.
Your program can use up to ten index$ arrays, numbered 0 through 9. The indexID parameter specifies which index$ array to use; if you omit this parameter, index$ array 0 is used. The element parameter specifies which element to set within the selected index$ array.

You can use the mem function to retrieve various kinds of information about the status of an index$ array.

See also
CFIndexSort; clear <index>; index$ D; index$ I; index$ function; indexf; mem