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mid, mid$, mid$$   statement

mid( CFMutableStringVar, startPos, numChars ) = replaceCFString
mid$( PascalStringVar, startPos, numChars ) = replacePascalString
mid$$( container$$, startPos, numChars ) = replacePascalString/contnr$$

This statement updates a CFMutableStringVar, PascalStringVar or container$$, deleting a subpart from CFMutableStringVar, PascalStringVar or container$$ and replacing it with an equal number of characters from the left side of replaceCFString or replacePascalString. The subpart to be replaced begins at position startPos within CFMutableStringVar, PascalStringVar or container$$. In the following code fragments, containers and strings work the same.

The number of characters replaced equals the smallest of these quantities: Under the following circumstances, mid/mid$,mid$$ does nothing:
You may not use complex expressions that include containers on the right side of the equal sign.

mid example
CFMutableStringRef s1 = fn MutableStringWithCapacity(0)
CFMutableStringRef s2 = fn MutableStringWithCapacity(0)
CFMutableStringRef s3 = fn MutableStringWithCapacity(0)

MutableStringSetString( s1, @"abcdefgh" )
MutableStringSetString( s2, @"abcdefgh" )
MutableStringSetString( s3, @"abcdefgh" )

mid( s1, 1, 3 ) = @"1234"
NSLog(@"%@",s1)// a123efgh

mid( s2, 1, 5 ) = @"1234"
NSLog(@"%@",s2)// a1234fgh

mid( s3, 6, 4 ) = @"1234"
NSLog(@"%@",s3)// abcdef12

mid$ example
x$ = "abcdefgh"
y$ = "abcdefgh"
z$ = "abcdefgh"
mid$(x$,2,3) = "1234"
print x$
mid$(y$,2,5) = "1234"
print y$
mid$(z$,7,4) = "1234"
print z$

program output:

See also
mid function; left; right; instr