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NibView   statement

nibview tag, nibName, identifier, origin, superviewTag

The nibview statement loads a view contained in a nib file.

tag A number (1 through 1000000) that you assign to the view. The number you assign must be different from the tag value of all other existing widgets in the target window. A negative tag hides the view.
nibName The name of the nib file.
identifier The identifier given to the view in the nib file. If this parameter is omitted, the first NSView found in the nib will be loaded.
origin The view's location in window coordinates. This can be specified in either of two ways:
(i) (x,y) where x,y is the origin of the view.
(ii) A CGPoint value
superviewTag The tag value of the view's parent view. If this parameter is omitted, the view will be placed in the content view of the current output window.

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