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or - bitwise 'or'   operator

result = exprA or exprB
result = exprA | exprB // the vertical bar is shorthand for 'or'

Expression exprA and expression exprB are each interpreted as integer quantities. The or operator performs a "bitwise comparison" of each bit in exprA with the corresponding bit in exprB. Meaning: bit 0 in exprA is compared to bit 0 in exprB, bit 1 in exprA is compared to bit 1 in exprB and so forth for all the bits. The result is another integer; each bit in the result is determined as follows:

Bit Value in exprA Bit Value in exprB Bit Value in result

The example below shows how bits are manipulated with or

defstr long
print bin$(923)
print bin$(123)
print "--------------------------------"
print bin$(923 or 123)

program output:

If your code needs to evaluate true/false conditions based on variable content, a logical 'or' using double vertical bars ('||' ) is more reliable because bitwise comparisons can provide different/incorrect comparison results from their logical peers. Expressed differently, if you're NOT doing bit manipulations/testing, the logical or is most-likely what is needed.
See logical or here: logical '||'

The next example demonstrates bitwise ORing producing an incorrect result when logical ORing works

short a,b : a = 1 : b = 2
defstr byte
print a,,, bin( a )
print b,,, bin( b )
print ,,,"--------"
print ,,,bin$( a and b ), "bitwise ANDing results in all binary zeros which might be unexpected"
print "Bitwise ANDing produces: ",( a and b ), "incorrect if logical result was expected"
print "Logical ANDing produces: ",( a && b ), "i.e. true"
print "Bitwise ORing produces: ", ( a or b ), "could accidentally work but not what the programmer usually wants"
print "Logical ORing produces: ", ( a || b ), "i.e. true"

program output:

 00000000bitwise ANDing results in all binary zeros which might be unexpected

Bitwise ANDing produces: 0incorrect if logical result was expected
Logical ANDing produces: 1i.e. true
Bitwise ORing produces:  3could accidentally work but not what the programmer usually wants
Logical ORing produces:  1i.e. true

See also
|| - logical 'or';   && - logical 'and';   not;   and - bitwise;   xor;   Appendix D - Numeric Expressions