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output   statement

output [file] "bundleBinaryName"

Use output to specify a name for the application file that's created when you build or run a project. If your program doesn't contain an output statement, then FutureBasic will use the file or project name.

The bundleBinaryName is specified in one of three formats: An output statement may be placed (ONCE) anywhere in your program, but most commonly it appears somewhere near the beginning.

(1) CFString literal
output @"MyGreatApp"

(2) CFString macro
#define MY_APP_NAME @"MyGreatApp"
// ...
output MY_APP_NAME

(3) pascal string literal
output "MyGreatApp"

(4) pascal string constant
_myAppName$ = "MyGreatApp"
// ...
output _myAppName$

output is a non-executable statement, so you can't affect its operation by putting it inside a conditional execution structure such as if...end if. You can, however, conditionally include or exclude it using #if...#end if.

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