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system   function

systemInformation = system( whichInfo )

This function returns various kinds of information about the system and current application. Set whichInfo to one of the values shown here in the following four selectors.

whichInfoValueReturn value
_scrnWidth6The width of the main monitor, in pixels.
_scrnHeight7The height of the main monitor, in pixels.
_sysVers8An integer representing the current System version number. For example, 101300 represents version 10.13.
_aplActive9Returns a positive value if the current application is the active (foreground) process. Returns a negative value if the current application is in the background. Note that FutureBasic also generates an app event every time your application is moved to the foreground or to the background (see the CocoaUI/Application.incl header).

Some system-wide information can be obtained using the functions within the FB Headers, CocoaUI/FileManager.incl and CocoaUI/Workspace.incl.