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write dynamic   statement

write dynamic deviceID, arrayName

write dynamic sends the contents of a dynamic array to an open disk file. Data written to a file in this manner can be read back into memory with read dynamic.

dim as FSSpec fs
dim as long j
dynamic myAry(_maxLong) as long
fn FSMakeFSSpec( system( _aplVRefNum ), system( _aplParID ), "Test", @fs )
for j = 0 to 9
myAry(j) = j
open "O", 1, @fs
write dynamic 1, myAry
close 1
kill dynamic myAry
open "I", 1, @fs
read dynamic 1, myAry
close 1
for j = 0 to 9
print myAry(j)
FSpDelete( fs )

See also
dynamic; read dynamic