Usage Tips

1. Once you've added the daynotes, monthly view can be printed to put on your wall or refrigerator as a reminder. Choose landscape mode and typically a reduction of 70% is required. You will have to experiment to get the right size monthly window and the correct percentage. Once you get it right close the monthly window and quit CCN X to save the window's size. Monthly view will open next time to the same size.

2. The new colors and fonts are available on the daynotes windows (CNTRL click on the window for colors). Colors are visible on the daynote, weekly (and soon!) the monthly view

3. It is easy to add all those birthdays from the event list (timer menu) to your daynotes. Just CMD click each event and then control click to add all of them (all those that were CMD-clicked) to the daynotes. Now when you print the monthly calendar (see #1) all your important birthdays will be there.

4. My weekly view is always open to see what is coming up for the week. Sometimes I need to look at my activities 6 months from now. Clicking on the next week button in weekly view can take a long time. Here is a way to get there quickly. Click on the next month button (>) on the calendar until the month you have in mind appears. Now do a CMD-G (show current date) and it will move weekly view to the beginning of the month selected on the calendar. Now you are there (or only a couple of clicks away) in weekly view.

5. Click on some text in a daynote window, weekly view or user note and hold down the CMD, Control and "D" keys. You will see a dictionary definition for the word!

I'd be happy to post tips from users on this page. Just send them to me via email