Changes for 1.15 ( May,  2012 )

• New: German Language localization
• Change: Help revised
• Change: Internals changes for compatibility with CCNX and Mac App Store

Changes for 1.14 ( March,  2012 )

• New: Spanish Language localization
• Note: old style data files ( first converted in version 1.11 ) not converted

Changes for 1.13 ( February,  2012 )

• Fix: Automatic reminder addition to the CCNX calendar was broken
• Fix: Sorting fails on Next Maint Date column on Next Maintenance Due tab

Changes for 1.12 ( February,  2012 )
• Lion full screen support added
• Fix: Double click of maintenance would not update service task description below the service task name
• Fix: Show button on Cost and Distance tab fails in one scenario
• New About window icon

Changes for 1.11 ( October,  2011 )

• Data now stored as standard XML files and new data files are automatically created from prior data files if there are existing data files from a prior VMT release
• Cost Pane is now the 'Cost and Distance' pane with some new items:
    • Average monthly cost ( based on the date range selected ) now shown on the Cost tab and Cost report
    • Total Distance ( based on difference between odometer on most recent occurrence minus the first occurrence within the selected date range )
    • Average Monthly Distance ( is Total Distance divided by elapsed months using the date range selected )
• Service Interval and Service Mileage are entered and no longer limited to popup menu choices
• Service Odometer added to reporting
• Vehicles and Service task popup menu content is updated appropriately if the last maintenance item for a specific vehicle is deleted
• Except for the Add/Delete pane, the Service Task popups reflect the tasks being used by a specific vehicle. Before the change all services tasks were always shown.
• Odometer terminology adopted instead of mileage
• Internal changes for report printing for future OS compatibility
• Internal structural changes for future OS compatibility
• Shareware version users will need a new registration code ( no cost to user )

Changes for 1.09 ( April,  2011 )

• Fix:        Deleting the last maintenance item now works.
• Fix:        Deleting the last service task now works.
• Change    Internal change means OS X 10.4 and lower not supported

Changes for 1.08 ( March,  2011 )

Changes to improve editing on the Add/View/Delete Maintenance tab:
(1)  For easier access, a Delete button replaces the contextual menu. Double clicking a maintenance item activates the delete button.

(2) Double clicking a maintenance item also copies the data for that item to the Add/Delete Maintenance box. This provides a simple way to change maintenance data (i.e. delete, change the data, add )

Changes for 1.07 ( 2011 )

• New     Adds vehicle filter to the Add/Maint pane
• New     A new provider report on the Reporting tab

Changes for 1.05 ( 2011 )

• New:    New application icon
• Fix:     Updates to user manual

Changes for 1.03 & 1.04 ( 2010 )

• 1.03   Service date report now includes a cost column and a total cost.

• 1.04   Service tasks now have a task time interval and mileage interval of “unlimited” for those items that don’t recur on a regular or predictable basis.

Changes for 1.02 ( November,  2009 )

• New:    Reminders for overdue maintenance on maintenance due pane
        Control click a list item on maintenance due pane to set a reminder.
        Adding a reminder turns Next Maintenance Date's text to a blue-color.  Reminder notification, along with corresponding note, is managed completely by CCNX ( see notes below ).

        Note1: Reminders are managed by CCNX, so the reminder feature requires a running CCNX

        Note2: the data file ( yourUserID>Library>Application Support>VMTData>VehicleHistoryFile )
        undergoes a one-time update to support the new reminders when VMT is launched. Recommend
        backing up the VMTData folder BEFORE launching VMT as a precaution. Version 1.01 and 1.02 cannot
        use each other's data files, so please save a copy of the version 1.01 data file if you think a fallback
        to version 1.01 might be necessary.

• New:  Reporting added with ability to select by vehicle, service task and service date range

• New:  Added service task interval of ten years

• Fix:    Service task popups re-sorted after addition of new service task

• Fix:    Date column sorting sometimes not working on OS X 10.4 PowerPC machines

• Nice   Service Task and Vehicle popups set to "All" as default. Service date selector begin dates default to January 1st of current year

• Nice   Tab last used and window position/size restored when VMT is launched

• Fix:    Minor bug fixes and documentation/help updates

 Changes for 1.01 ( June,  2009 )

 New: Service Task Popup contents are sorted at startup
• Fix:   Tab one contextual menu for deleting maintenance items sized smaller ( cosmetic )
• Fix:   Several issues fixed showed up only in OS X 10.4
         • Crash on OS X 10.4 when adding service task
         • Help not working in some cases
         • Cost not displayed correctly on tab one in some cases
         • List at bottom of tab one ( browser ) had wrong font
         • Next Maint Date not showing correctly on Maintenance Due tab
• Fix:   Vehicle and Provider Combo boxes on tab one had wrong font which created display issue
• Fix:   Service Task pop up had one blank item occasionally

 Changes for 1.00  ( May,  2009 )
• Initial release