Screencast ( OS X 10.9+ required ):

Starting in version 1.37, VMT can associate receipts with VMT vehicle maintenance. This screencast shows its operation:

User Guide:


VMT collects vehicle maintenance data and shows when subsequent maintenance tasks are due. A flexible format handles most vehicle types ( i.e. cars, motorcycles, scooters, large vehicles etc. ). Vehicle, mileage ( or kilometers ), costs, providers, service tasks and service dates are all tracked and saved. Dates and currency are always shown in the local machine's format regardless of language and the interface is localized for French, Spanish and German.  Data management, reporting( both printed and on-screen ), and future maintenance are all available in a one window tabbed interface.

Version 1.44  Changes

Recent release history:

Description/Usage of Odometer in Vehicle Record - new in version 1.40

Note:if VMT was licensed/downloaded on the Mac App Store,  updates will be delivered via the Mac App Store.


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