Searching Daynotes

On the Daynotes Menu (shortcut is CMD-F)

Provides a search of *all* daynotes (not user notes) for a specific string of  characters.  The dates of daynotes containing the target string are returned in a list. Dates on the found list can be clicked to open the daynote. The search is not case sensitive, so JOHNNY, johnny, or JoHNNy all are treated the same. Also,  the search is only for the string provided and does not check for complete words.  So a search for JOHN would find any daynotes where those characters are  embedded in a word (for example JOHN would be found in a daynote containing  Johnny). 

The daynote search is designed to complement the new daynotes of unlimited text  size. Since each daynote can now be thousands (or millions or billions) of  characters instead of a few hundred, a search feature made sense. Search is  limited to daynotes (and not user notes) within CCN X.