VMT Icon  Projecting the Next Maintenance Due Date

This pane allows the user to selectively display those properties and tasks with the projected due date. The mechanics and choosing/understanding the filtering options is explained below.

The Mechanics:
Using the maintenance data previously entered,  the next projected maintenance date is calculated and results shown in the tabular area at the bottom of the window.  If the calculated next maintenance dates ( shown as "Next Maint Date" in the tabular area ) are in the past or equal to today’s date, the date(s) is colored red to warn of potential overdue maintenance.

In addition to filtering based on the chosen property and task,  the radio buttons provide three filtering options:

(Option 1) Only Last/Most Recent Task
For this filtering option, only the last ( i.e. most recent ) service task performed is shown. For example, if the "My House" property and Change Filters task are selected, only the last filter change for the "My House is shown. The other "My House" filter changes prior to the last are not shown.

(Option 2) All Items for a Task
All the maintenance items for a given property/task are shown. For example, if the "My House" and Change Filters were selected for property and task, than all the filter changes recorded in the data base for this property would be shown.

(Option 3) Only OverDue Tasks
Displays maintenance if the calculated next maintenance date is today’s date or in the past.  Every item listed would have a  red-colored next maintenance date

Right Click ( or Control click ) To Add Reminders For Future Tasks
Control clicking a maintenance list item ( from the list at the bottom of the drop window ) allows a reminder to be added to the system user notification center ( requires OS X 10.8+ ). More information: