VMT Icon  How to Add, View and Delete Maintenance Tasks

Adding a New Maintenance Task
Data must be entered ( or selected )  for all the fields in the area labeled "Add or Delete Maintenance" and press the "Add" button.

1.1 Enter the vehicle and provider names for the maintenance. Names are saved for the next time maintenance is added.  For example, if Ford Taurus and Sam Jones Car Repair Shop are entered in the vehicle and provider fields respectively, they will be available the next time maintenance is added. Also, typing just a few letters in the vehicle/provider fields will automatically match and select an entry in the list.

1.2 The service task identifies the name of the service such as an oil change, new battery or new tires. Service task names can be whatever you choose.

1.3 Service mileage, service date and service cost must be entered but cost may be zero.

Viewing Existing Maintenance Tasks
Entered/completed maintenance tasks are shown on the lower section of the window in tabular format when the application launches. Maintenance may be sorted by the column headers ( Vehicle, Task, Date etc. ). A subset of the maintenance may be displayed at the bottom of the screen by selecting a date range using the "View By Date Range & Vehicle" box and pressing the Show button. Viewing existing maintenance tasks does not add or delete maintenance.

Deleting an Existing Maintenance Task
The steps are:

(1) Double click one of the maintenance items in the tabular list at the bottom of the window to activate the delete button.
(2)  Press the delete button. There is no warning, so be sure before pressing the delete button.

(a) Only one item at a time may be deleted.
(b) Deleting the last maintenance task for a given vehicle or provider removes that vehicle/provider the next time VMT launches. For example, if provider "Sam Jones Car Repair Shop" has only one(1) maintenance task and that task is deleted, then the provider "Sam Jones Car Repair Shop" is also deleted.

Service Task Addition, Usage and Deletion
Service tasks consist of three elements: the service task name, the time interval and the mileage/kilometer interval. Service tasks may be added ( if not already in the popup menu list ) during the addition of a maintenance task or independently.  When a service task is added, a task name, time interval and mileage/kilometer interval must be entered. Like the vehicle names and provider names, the service tasks are saved for future use.

The time and mileage/kilometer intervals are used to calculate when the next maintenance is due and indicate how often a service task should be performed. For example, some maintenance might be done based on a time interval such as every three months, while elapsed vehicle mileage/kilometers might be better in other cases. It is up to the user to decide which is more appropriate.

Service tasks may be deleted via the popup, however,  only those service tasks not being used in a maintenance task may be deleted.