Vehicle Maintenance Tracker  ( VMT ) collects vehicle maintenance data and shows when subsequent maintenance tasks are due. The flexible format handles virtually any type of vehicle ( i.e. cars, motorcycles, scooters, large vehicles etc. ). Mileage ( or kilometers ), costs, providers, service tasks and service dates are all tracked and saved. Data input, on-screen reporting, and future maintenance are all available in a convenient one window tabbed interface.

VMT Menu
Window Menu
Main Window  - Four panes on the window provide the functionality:
  1. The Add/View/Delete Maintenance pane provides three basic functions:
    1. New maintenance may be added via the block of data entry fields labeled "Add or Delete Maintenance"
    2. Existing maintenance ( as shown in the list on the bottom of the screen ) may be deleted
    3. Existing maintenance may be displayed based on date range selection
  2. Next Maintenance Due Pane   
    1. Displays the dates and mileage ( or kilometers ) when the next maintenance is due for specific tasks and vehicles
    2. Vehicle name and service task are selected from the pop-up menus followed by pressing the "Show" button.
    3. This pane is effectively inoperative if data has not been entered via pane 1. The popup menus will be empty.
  3. Costs and Distance
    1. Shows the Total Cost, Average Monthly Cost, Total Distance and Average Monthly Distance for a selected vehicle, task and date range
    2. This pane requires the data entered via pane 1. If maintenance has not been entered on pane 1, the popups will be empty.
  4. Reports
    1. Report formats available ( so far ) are:
      1. Sorted alphabetically by vehicle with tasks for a vehicle also sorted alphabetically. Service dates are sorted in reverse chronological order within service task
      2. Service date sorted in reverse chronological order with vehicle and service task sorted alphabetically.
      3. Provider sorted alphabetically with vehicles sorted alphabeticaly and service dates in reverse chronological order
Date Display  - VMT uses the System Preference "short" date ( see International prefs, format tab ) to display dates. It expects a 10 character format ( or 8 if leading zeros are suppressed )  such as that shown below. The format shown is mm/dd/yyyy but any 10 character format is fine ( i.e. dd/mm/yyyy as in Europe or yyyy/mm/dd )