Simple ShutDownTimer(SDT) schedules either a Mac shutdown,  restart or sleep at a specified future date and time.

Version 1.06 introduces:

  • Ability to schedule hours/minutes from current date/time
  • Ability to terminate a scheduled task
  • App icon compatible with Retina displays
  • 64-bit Cocoa
Enter the date/time to shutdown/restart/sleep the mac and the administrator password. If SDT detects a scheduled shutdown/restart/sleep task upon launch, it provides  an "End Task" option which also requires an administrator password.
(1) Scheduled shutdown/restart/sleep does not persist after a shutdown or restart
(2) Scheduling is constrained only by date/time setting; other constraints such as detecting the end of another task aren't implemented.
(3) Uses the system 'shutdown' command. This will cleanly shutdown the system but does not give running applications a chance to cleanup.
(4) Digitally signed and compatible with Gatekeeper in OS X 10.8+
(5) The administrator password is for the account used to login to macOS. Every Mac login account is typically assigned a password( see macOS System Preferences>>>>>Users & Groups ) . SDT requires an administrator account; its password is what SDT needs to initiate a shutdown.
The administrato

SDT shareware runs in OS X  10.6+.
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