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Welcome to FutureBasic

This site hosts FutureBasic and its related utilities and source examples; all downloads are freeware.

FutureBasic (FB) is a high-level procedural programming language combined with an "Integrated Development Environment" (IDE) for creating native Apple Silicon, Intel or Universal Macintosh 64-bit applications. FB includes an editor, translator, project manager, documentation, and code samples.

FB's compiled BASIC allows easy access to the Mac's graphical user interface and macOS file system via Apple's standard frameworks. It provides access to all standard data types (integers, strings, floating point numbers, etc.) and Apple's object data types (such as: CFStrings, CFArrays, CFDictionaries), structures such as nestable records and arrays, various forms of subroutines (local functions with recursion) and callbacks, and is as powerful as C but without its complexities. FB supports mixing both C and Objective-C source code with FB source.

FB's volunteer team actively develops and maintains it without compensation. The team continues to donate thousands of hours to keep FB accessible, relevant and free.

The FB Team welcomes feedback and may be contacted by subscribing (currently free of charge) to the FutureBasic mailing list (see Support for more information).

FutureBasic 7.0.29
Released Build Compatibility Requires
July 24, 2024 240725 macOS 10.13+ Xcode installation
The FutureBasic executable is freeware and distribution rights are limited to the FutureBasic authors. The authors have sole source code rights and source code is not publicly available.