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Installing FutureBasic

FutureBasic's latest version requires macOS 10.13+. Please follow these installation steps:

  • Install Apple's Xcode app via their Mac App Store (MAS).
  • Launch Xcode and allow it to download and install any additional tools. Xcode's prompt looks like this:
    • After you've allowed Xcode to download any additional files, Quit the Xcode app. If Xcode's installation is satisfactory, you won't need to run it again to use FutureBasic.
  • Download the latest FutureBasic version and move it to the standard /Applications directory.
  • Launch FutureBasic.
  • Create a new file (⌘N), type some code (see brief sample below) in the document window and run it (⌘R).

    window 1
    button 1