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Working with nibs

With nib files, you create and manipulate your user interfaces graphically, using Xcode, instead of programmatically. Because you can see the results of your changes instantly, you can experiment with different layouts and configurations very quickly. You can also change many aspects of your user interface later without rewriting any code.





Multicolumn TableView

Image Files


Documentation Describing Two Approaches

Localizing with "Make Xcode Project" - video download [54 MB]

Function usage

Part 1: Passing data by value - video download [6.4 MB]

Part 2: Passing data by reference - video download [8.2 MB]

Part 3: Passing records - video download [6.9 MB]

Part 4: Basic order of operation - video download [9.4 MB]

Part 5: Function Prototypes - video download [13.8 MB]